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Biological Physics- Interdisciplinary Elite Study Program at the University of Bayreuth

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Welcome to the pages of the Interdisciplinary Elite Study Program
Biological Physics at the University of Bayreuth

Biological Physics is aimed at highly interested and committed students of biology, biochemistry and physics who are interested in top-level research in the technologically and socially relevant interdisciplinary area between biology, biochemistry and physics. In an open atmosphere, in which learning is a pleasurable experience, the program offers a diverse set of courses to students of biology and physics, ranging from lectures and lab courses over social soft skills to the opportunity to do research abroad. Combined with an individual mentoring concept and specialized courses that take into account the different levels of knowledge and skills that students from such different subjects as biology and physics have, the elite study program offers an exciting opportunity beyond usual studying concepts.

Information event

Date: Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at 5 p.m. s.t.

Location: lecture hall H 19, building NW II

Abbildung: Energietransfer bei Photosynthese

Physics of quantum mechanics meets biological structure formation

In nature, photosynthesis converts the energy of sunlight into chemical forms of energy with the help of light-harvesting systems. Molecules are arranged such that they capture photons very efficiently. Combining the physics of quantum mechanics with the diligent structure formation of biology is the key to understanding and possibly mimicking such systems - in the hope that mankind can thus take a step towards solving the energy problem.


Exploring the secrets of life

The secrets of life can be explored with experimentally easily handled model organisms. Insights obtained e.g. with fluorescence and electron microscopy of mitochondria can often be transferred to human cells and contribute to our understanding of disease mechanisms.

Studentinnen der Biological Physics

Top international research 

MSc and PhD students make decisive contributions to the progress of science. The Elite Study Program Biological Physics leads students to an early, active participation in research and helps them to establish contacts, also on the international scale.

Elitestudent im Labor

Direct access to research equipment

The special character of the Elite Study Program, which allows to specifically address a select number of motivated students, gives the opportunity to offer scientific education at an uncommon level: Lab courses employ equipment from the forefront of research, from spectroscopy over microscopy to the use of supercomputers.

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