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Interdisciplinary Elite Study Program Biological Physics

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Aims & Concept


  • Broad scientific education going beyond individual MSc programs in Physics and Biology
  • Interdisciplinary teaching focusing on subjects that relate to both biology and physics
  • Leading students to research in an international environment, allowing for scientific independence at an early stage of their career
  • Guiding students towards a PhD
  • Acquiring a broad set of skills and knowledge, including soft skills and a research stay abroad

It is the declared aim of the Elite Study Program Biological Physics to provide an additional chance for learning and studying a modern, interdisciplinary field at the forefront of research. In contrast to usual Biophysics-Master programs, the students of the Elite Study Program Biological Physics are not just integrated into an MSc Physics course which has a focus on biology-related questions. Instead, the Elite Study program offers a unique, specially designed learning experience that is truly interdisciplinary: the program jointly teaches students of Biology/Biochemistry and Physics. Collaboration between the students, e.g. during lab courses, is not only allowed but actively supported and most welcome. This program is only for those who have the interest and intellectual capacity to take on additional subjects on top of their regular MSc work. Yet, it is not about the dull learning of facts, but about fun and early, supported independence in an exciting field of modern research. The program wants to give its participants the opportunity to go for a PhD. It aims at a broad education, covering not only facts but also soft skills such as rhetoric and scientific writing.


  • A full course program of a regular MSc in Biology/Biochemistry or Physics is complemented by the additional interdisciplinary Elite Study Program
  • Students of Biology/Biochemistry and Physics are jointly educated
  • Special introductory courses allow students to acquire knowledge in the discipline which they so far did not study. An integrated stay abroad and soft skill modules are part of the program
  • A special certificate acknowledges the successful completion of the program and documents the additional qualification for the job market

The program is based on the conviction that successful interdisciplinary work and research are based on a solid knowledge in one field that is complemented by training and inspiration in another field. The design of the program is furthermore guided by the principle that learning profits from joy and personal contacts. Therefore, students of both Biology/Biochemistry and Physics are jointly educated in the courses that Biological Physics offers, and they do their lab courses together. Mutual inspiration and support are not only allowed but most welcome.

The regular course work of an MSc in Physics or Biology is already challenging by itself. Therefore, the additional program Biological Physics is not offered as a regular program, but in the special framework of the Elite Network of Bavaria. It addresses those students who have a broad range of interests and who are confident that they can cover some additional classes. At the same time, the program has been designed with care so as to not overburden its students. The amount of work in the Elite Study program is designed such that dedicated students can cover it without neglecting their regular MSc studies. Especially designed introductory modules ensure that students with a major in Biology get to know the physics that is necessary for successfully completing the Elite Study Program, and students with a major in Physics get the corresponding training in Biology.

The Elite Study Program supports its students in going for a research stay abroad both financially and in terms of administration. Furthermore, it offers special courses that are usually not part of studying a natural science subject, such as rhetoric and scientific writing.

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