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  • Prerequisite: a BSc degree in Biology/Biochemistry or Physics
  • Biological Physics is studied in addition and parallel to a regular MSc program: Typically, it is combined with an MSc in Physics or an MSc in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry. It starts in parallel to the MSc course work and guides students into the PhD.
  • International focus: Courses in English, support for a research stay abroad, invited guest professors from leading international research institutions contribute to the teaching at the University of Bayreuth.
  • A choice of soft-skill modules is part of the program.
  • Typical length: 8 semesters including a stay abroad, but there are no fixed study times or deadlines

The interdisciplinary Elite Study Program Biological Physics starts after the BSc in addition and parallel to an MSc in Biology/Biochemistry or Physics. It guides students towards a PhD. In the course of the program, students continously increase their knowldege in the complimentary subject and in the interdisciplinary area.

Biological Physics is not an MSc program and does not replace the regular MSc, but is an additional, complementary program for particularly interested and committed students. It is taken in parallel to a regular MSc in Physics or Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Bayreuth or similar MSc programs at other Bavarian Universities. Within the regular study time of 8 semesters, the program accompanies students throughout the MSc studies and directly guides them into the PhD. Its program is modularized and is completely independent of the MSc courses.

Biological Physics has an international orientation. The course language is English, the program actively supports that its students can spend a research stay at one of the program's partner institutions. The latter belong to the world's leading international research institutes. International partners participate in the program's teaching at the University of Bayreuth.

The program covers the full width of subjects in biological physics, ranging from quantum-biological questions, e.g., in connection to photosynthesis and light-harvesting, over classical biological physics questions, e.g. in pattern formation and transport, up to topics in molecular biology.

A special aspect of the program is that its declared aim is to guide students towards a PhD, support them on this way, and lead them to become independent, skilled researchers at an early stage of their career.

Students start the program with knowledge in their field, i.e., Biology or Physics. In the course of the program, they continuously increase their knowledge in the complimentary subject and in the interdisciplinary area.

Successful completion of the program is certified with a certificate.


Modules Overview

Module Credits (LP) /
Semester Hours
per Week (SWS)
Type of Assessment
Concepts of Physics or
Concepts of Biology
5 LP
written or oral exam
Advanced Concepts and Current
Topics in Biological Physics
10 LP
written or oral exam
Interdisciplinary Practical Course 12 LP
ungraded certificates on the successfual
participation in at least 6 student experiments
Biological Physics Retreat 3 LP
ungraded certificate on two participations as well
as one graded certificate on a seminar talk
Scientific Communication 5 LP
ungraded certificates on participation
Research Project
with External Term Project
15 LP scientific publication or work report

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