Admission to the Elite Study Program Biological Physics is following a two-step procedure: First, submission of application documents and possibly second, a personal meeting with a selection committee.

A. Documents to be submitted:

1. Declaration of motivation (ca. 500 words) in English. The declaration should explain why the applicant wants to join the program and must state which MSc program at which Bavarian university the applicant is (planning to be) enrolled in.

2. BSc certificate or grade sheet or corresponding certificates of all study achievements to date. The submitted documents must state the average grade, or official proof must be submitted that the applicant belongs to the best 20% of the year. Alternatively to a BSc certificate, students can also apply when they prove that they achieved at least 30 credit points in an MSc program whose topic is related to Biological Physics (e.g., MSc Biology and Biochemistry or MSc Physics) and obtained a grade-point average of 1.9 or better.

B. Meeting with the selection committee:

Applicants whose total BSc grade or average over grades so far achieved is equivalent or better to 1.9 on the usual German grading scale between 4 (lowest) and 1 (best), or who present proof of that they belong to the best 20% of their year, are invited for a personal interview with three professors of the Elite Study Program.

At the beginning of the interview the candidates are asked to give a short presentation (about 5 minutes) explaining the topic of their BSc thesis or some similar project or seminar topic. This presentation is followed by a general discussion, which is intended to not only check the candidates' knowledge, but also their motivation and their ability to communicate in an interdisciplinary context. Each of three professors assigned a grade between 1 and 5. Candidates with an average grade of 1.5 or better are admitted.


Applications for the upcoming next starting term should be handed in by July 24 (Due to our experience and requests from students there is now just one deadline, not two as in previous years.). The interviews will then be held in September and decisions will be communicated by the end of September.

Contact: Applications should be addressed in paper form to:

   ENB Program Biological Physics
   Universität Bayreuth
   c/o Theoretische Physik IV
   Universitätsstr. 30
   95447 Bayreuth

2016 ENB Elite Study Program Biological Physics, University of Bayreuth

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